Lightweight NIP Balance Rollater 

makes your day easy 

NIP balance is the lightweight Walker designed&developed in New Zealand.

It is fulled certified for ISO 11999 and CE - quality standard for durability and safety. 


Balance walker weighs only 5.5kg and comes with 27 litre expandable basket.

The basket is located on top of frame so its weight capacity is up to 50kg without compromising it manoeuvrability.  Basket can be folded and fully closed to carry your belongings safely.


Balance, the Four Wheel Rollator/Walker is adaptable to fit into your schedule. The basket can be replaced with full-seat if you need to go to a wedding or church, watching games, or to go for a walk. The food-tray is installed easily to carry your dinner and tea. 


The NIP Escape walker handles are easily adjusted according to your height, making the ergonomic handle gripping especially convenient and comfortable, while eliminating undue stress on hands and joints.


The NIP walking frames fold with one hand and one click. The NIP walker folds compact to fit easily into small car boots such as Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, and Daihatsu.


Balance’s sleek design won’t make you feel old, sick or disabled. It is perfect for those who need balance support from their mobility aid but feel they are not ready to use medical equipment. Light, strong, easy to use and stylish NIP walker is a great companion for any daily activities.


NIP Balance WALKER weighs only 5.5kg.

Easy to load it in your car and perfect way around your favourite places



NIP Balance WALKER folds quick and compact. It can fit in anywhere in small car.



NIP Balance WALKER has huge adaptability that suits for your lifestyle

Convenient basket

Convenient basket

Expandable basket can be folded to lower basket to carry your daily need and also fully closed to keep your belongs safe

Kick Pedal

Kick Pedal

Put your right foot on the pedal and pull the handles toward you to lift up front wheels.

Handle height adjustment

Handle height adjustment

2 seconds magic - open the clip and adjust the handle for the ideal height for you and close the clip.

Ergonomical handle grip

Ergonomical handle grip

The ergonomic handle grip is convenient and comfortable, while eliminating undue stress on hands and joints.



how to use nip walker balance