BC2_Balance Walker WEB2.jpg

Lightweight NIP Balance Rollater 
makes your day easy 

NIP balance is the lightweight Walker designed&developed in New Zealand.
It is fulled certified for ISO 11999 and CE - quality standard for durability and safety. 
Balance walker weighs only 6.7kg and comes with a big food tray.
The food-tray is installed easily to carry your dinner and tea and easy to remove from the frame.
Also food tray is easy to clean and dish washer safe.
The Balance handles are easily adjusted according to your height, making the ergonomic handle gripping especially convenient and comfortable, while eliminating undue stress on hands and joints.
The NIP Balance walking frames fold with one hand and one click. The NIP walker folds compact to fit easily into small car boots such as Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, and Daihatsu.
Balance’s sleek design won’t make you feel old, sick or disabled. It is perfect for those who need balance support from their mobility aid but feel they are not ready to use medical equipment. Light, strong, easy to use and stylish NIP walker is a great companion for any daily activities.

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Designed to Keep You Safe

triangle strong.jpg

NIP walker/walking frame triangle structure produce extra strength

escape doorway.jpg

Angled NIP walker's 
structure protects
your hands from narrow doorway and
hidden brake cable helps you
go through small space smooth without
getting caught

Designed to Drive Smooth

Swivel front wheel.jpg


      360 degree rotating front wheels      make super easy to manoeuvre

NIP_kick pedal.jpg

The kick pedal on rear wheel makes easy to go through kerb 

Designed to Sit Comfortable

NIP_comfortable back support2.jpg

NIP walker/ walking frame seat is
kind to your back

NIP_easy standing up.jpg

NIP walker/walking frame's easy handle adjustment results easy rise for the user

cozy closed_BC2 walker.jpg

The seat back folds to put away in compact size

Designed to Use Easy

NIP_handle height.jpg

NIP walker/walking frame
Large  four wheels create a steady roll on any types of surface

compact fold.jpg

NIP walker has easy, simple and robust folding clip. NIP walker folds small for easy storage


NIP walker has great ranges of accessories to help make your day easy.