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Let's find out your body age!

In these days, we live longer life and it is very hard to know or guess people’s age by looking at them. Now it seems more appropriate to say “AGE is just numbers”

This is the formula to calculate your new modern age

Your AGE X 0.8 = Modern new age

For an example, 85 years X 0.8 = 68 years (modern age)

How cool is this!

This is another method to measure your body age.

Please try slowly with care.

I have tried and tried hard to be 20s but I couldn't. T..T

There are many other facts to check to get your body age.


  • Eating breakfast?

  • Eating healthy?

  • Eating more than 2-3 serving of vegetable and fruits per day?

  • Do you drink less than 1 bottle of wine per week?


  • Do you sleep more than 8 hours?

  • Do you go to bed and get up at similar time?


  • Do you exercise 30 mins per day?

  • Go for walk 3-4 time per week?

Happiness(stress level)

  • Do you think you are a happy person?

  • Do you deal well with your stress?

Social life

  • Are you in loving relationship?

  • Do you like to have friends and family around?

Personal care

  • Do you take healthy supplements such as vitamin or omega 3 etc?

  • Do you floss your teeth everyday?

  • Do you go to see dentist 6 monthly?

  • Do you put suncream when you go out?

  • Do you like dressing up occasionally?

  • I don't smoke?

How many "Yes" you got from above questions?

If you got more than 16 yes and you are 75 years old - your body age is 75-8 = 67 years old!


Summerset retirement village for show&tell with NIP WALKER

This an amazing lady is at Summerset retirement village at Aotea. We got questioned by one of her friends how old she looks. We guessed her as 70's something. In fact she was 96 years! Wow~. Apparently she walks everyday!

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