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NEW NORMAL with nip-glide walkers

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Recently I decided to resign my job after 14 years to run BC2 company. It was the biggest change I have ever made. Soon after, COVID-19 happens. So.. what's now? Two big changes in a week?

I don't think I like changes much, especially ones not made by me. This lockdown definitely gave me stress and unknown fear. Now we all have an assignment to adapt to this change called #newnormal and move forward.

During lockdown, I had plenty time to connect customers who rang and chatted to us about our products. Many customers inquired nip-glide walkers for their parents who refuse to use old walking frames.

They are only 70s or 80s. Suddenly they are experiencing their balance is weakening or legs are not as strong as before. This would be the biggest fearful change in their life and they have to embrance it to be their #newnormal?

Thankfully the customers' parents are willing to try nip-glide walkers because it looks different and doesn't make them feel old or disabled. I really do hope nip-glide walkers help ageing people adapting to the #newnormal in a positive way.

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