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How are we? Are we doing well with this sudden lockdown? It surely makes us feel that winter seems to be cold and long.

To be honest, I have been feeling lost and uncertain about everything - Whether I am a good mother, whether I am a good wife, sister and daughter? And ask myself whether our business will be able to get through this time.

It is not easy to deal with this feeling. I have tried to shut this feeling down and be normal as possible. I have to.. because..most of all, I am a Mum. I am responsible for my son's happiness. I don’t want my son to remember this time as when my mum struggled or drank a lot of wine. :)

Thankfully my son is bright, happy and always love to do things with us.

Yesterday, my son found old knitting set. So we have started to learn how to knit. He loves knitting. I couldn't believe that a 7 year old could sit and knit for 6 hrs. He told me that knitting makes him calm.

Alexander put my decorative glasses on and pretending his granny. :) (left) /knitting in the car on our way to the supermarket(centre) /knitting during online learning time. :( (right)

It reminds me of some ladies we met during some rest home visits. They were knitting amazing sweaters, cardigans and hats etc. I remember that they were so beautiful and precisely made. I wonder how many people can knit or actually make things themselves.

Probably in my generation there won’t be many. It would be great to knit something for my grandchildren in the future. So this is my goal to learn how to knit during this lockdown.

By the way, NEXT SUNDAY is Father's Day

Really hope this lockdown can be lifted up and we can visit our fathers.

If it is not happening, make sure give him a call. Everyone keeps safe and smiling.

Nearly there!

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