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It is time to push it for yourself.

When we were born, we were pushed by our parents

When we become parents, we pushed our children 

When we become older, we push ourselves

BC2 is running a “PUSH YOURSELF” campaign in next few months. It is about encouraging people to use a walker/walking frame/rollator to prevent a fall.

PUSH can mean many things.

“PUSH” as an emotion

Dictionary : a vigorous effort to do or obtain something.

When I was born, our parents pushed me to be a better person. 

When I became a parent, I pushed my son to challenge himself to be a better person.

When I become older, I have to push myself to adapt to new things to keep my lifestyle.

“PUSH” as a motion

 Dictionary : move forward by using force

When I was born, our parents pushed me in the buggy to take me around. 

When I became a parent of my beautiful little boy, I put him in the buggy and pushed him around everywhere to keep up my walking routine. 

when I become older, I will push my walker/walking frame/rollator to do my favourite things - food shopping and walking along the beach. Finally push something for my life.

!!A Random Thought for This week.!!@..@

Buying and using my first walker would be as normal as buying and using a stroller for my first child. I remember so clearly the first day I pushed my son in the stroller. I felt proud and excited. I wanted to show the world I am a mum! (very tired mum with a newborn). I hope I will feel excited and safe rather than upset when I buy my first walker. 

What would be my dream walker? It has to be a GREAT DESIGN (doesn’t look like a walking frame) and easy to use, not too big so I can take it to cafe and it doesn’t take up much room in public spaces.

It is really important for all of us to be able to adjust to change – to be ADAPTABLE and to be RESILIENT - to be able to let go and keep moving forward with our life.

TODAY New Zealand is under lockdown level 2 and 3. It is unbelievable but let's focus that we can do this and we will get through. We already know what to do. Please be safe, BC2 club members!

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