Super Light Walking frames
- Balance Woodie™

Sorry,​ Coming Soon!!

Looking for something different? 
Here is Balance Woodie - The inspiration came from the Woodie car in the 1940s. 
Balance Woodie™ weighs only 6.1 kg and is easy to manoeuvre
in small or crowded spaces and narrow doorways. 

 The Balance Woodie is easy to fold and lift to fit into car boots without worrying about your low strength.
 The large food tray can be installed on the frame to carry your dinner and tea at home and it is removable to put in the dishwasher.
The Woodie seat is made out of high-quality New Zealand wood and Handcrafted with extra care.

It is fully certified for the ISO 11199-2-2005 and CE - quality standard for durability and safety.  The Balance Woodie fits in the living space like a piece of furniture. 

Light, strong, easy to use and stylish nip-glide™ walker is a great companion for your daily activities.