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Super Light Walker

   Balance-Natural™ walker weighs only 6.1 kg. It is as light as a carbon fibre frame but at a more affordable price. The Balance-Natural walking frame is easy to fold and lift to fit into car boots without worrying about weight.

This lightweight walking frame is easy to manoeuvre in small or crowded spaces and narrow doorways. It would be perfect to take it to your local favourite cafes. Also, it folds compact, making it convenient to travel, store out of sight, and pack in small spaces.
new 8-inch front wheels drive any bumps smoothly.

The Balance-Natural seat is made out of high-quality New Zealand wood and handcrafted with extra care in New Zealand. The Balance-Natural™ walker fits in the living space like modern furniture. Since Covid Pandemic, we stay home more - working from home, cooking more at home and exercising at home. People invest more to make homes better.
Balance Rollator has been perfect for those who care for home space and own safety - keeps you safe from falling at home and looks great in your living space.

In addition, the large food tray can be installed on the frame to carry your dinner and tea at home and it is removable to put in the dishwasher. So easy!
It is fully certified for the ISO 11199-2-2005 and CE - quality standard for durability and safety. The nip-glide walker handles are easily adjusted according to your height, making the ergonomic handle gripping convenient and comfortable while eliminating undue stress on hands and joints. Light, strong, easy to use and stylish nip-glide™ walker is a great companion for your daily activities. 

The Balance-Natural walking frame has everything to keep you comfortable.

BC2 Walker Made in NZ.jpg

Features of the Balance-Natural Walker

Designed to Keep You Safe

light_balance walker_safe_frame.jpg

nip-glide™ walker/walking frame triangle structure produce extra strength.
It is certified with ISO 11199 standard.


Angled nip-glide™ walker's 
structure protects your hands from the narrow doorway and a hidden brake cable helps you through a small space smooth without getting caught

Designed to Be Light 

light walker wooden seat.jpg

The nip-glide balance™ walker seat is handcrafted in New Zealand with love.


The nip-glide balance™ walker comes with padded backsupport belt.

Designed to Drive Smoothly

indoor walker wheel.jpg

      8 inch size and 360-degree rotating front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and drive any bumps

NIP_kick pedal.jpg

The foot pedal on the rear wheel makes it easy to go through the kerb 

Designed to Use Easily


nip-glide™ walking frame
has easy, quick and clever
handle adjustment system


nip-glide™ walker has an easy, simple and robust folding clip. NIP walker folds small for easy storage


nip-glide™ walker has a great range of accessories to help make your day easy. 

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