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Established in 2013 by industrial designers and proud Wellingtonians Nina and Phil,
BC2’s mission statement is simple – to inspire ageing people to maintain their lifestyle and mobility. 
Inspiration struck – as it often does – while people-watching over dinner. Nina spied a group of seniors, including one seated on her walking frame. When she realised the woman appeared uncomfortable, the once-casual dinner quickly transformed into a brainstorming session about how to improve this essential tool. Upon consulting people using walking frames and physiotherapists, further problems emerged; research showed many in-need seniors refused to use walkers because it made them feel old, sick, and disabled. 
They were determined to make something simpler, elegant, and extremely functional, a walker that people would be proud to use at home or in the city streets.
They spent 3 years developing their stylish fold up walker, complete with patented auto brake technology, hidden brake cables, adjustable handles and a built-in seat. The result is a walker that is sleeker, more lightweight, and automatically brakes when the user lets go of the handles. It's super easy to pack away or fit into a car, which Phil said was one of the issues people faced with traditional walkers.
The product of their combined passion for design is the ‘NIP’ walker – an innovative lifestyle walking frame – aka NIP ‘New Independent People’.
Loved by many, the NIP walker is available for purchase directly from this site.
It is also sold throughout Australia, Belgium, China and France.