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Unbeatable Comfort - Escape5 Walker 

New Wheels - New brake lever - New Size


The new and improved all-terrain nip-glide Escape 5 brings

unbeatable comfort when you walk or sit.

Whether you’re going up and down curbs or rushing through tight spaces, it’s swift to turn and manoeuvre, thanks to SURE GRIP wheels.




  • High-quality PU cast wheel for smooth manoeuvre, minimum effort to push and strong grip on the wheels on any surfaces of the floor when the brake is on.

  • The large puncture-proof wheels in Escape 5 lets you glide over anything.

  • Extremely resistant, durable and easy to clean.

  • You can feel confident about any route you take. This new SURE GRIP wheel makes a new escape walker the safest walker.


The new brake lever in Escape 5 is designed to operate easier with one hand without compromising the brake performance.


Now we offer more options for the walker in size. The “tall” or “compact” in Escape5/Balance3 model. If you are under 165cm, you can use a compact size so there is no need to carry extra weight and volume. you can find out more on "BC2 Height Chart"


The nip-glide™ walking frame folds easily, and its folded size is compact to fit into small car boots such as Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, and Daihatsu.
The nip-glide™ Walkers are designed, developed and assembled in New Zealand.
It is fully certified for the IS
O 11199-2:2021, CE and KC - the quality standard of durability and safety. 

The nip-glide is a sleek-look walker as well as a comfy chair. It fits in the living space like modern furniture. 


As a walker, It is easy to manoeuvre in small or crowded spaces and climb kerbs with a foot pedal. It has an easy adjustment of handle height and folding. A shopping bag can be placed on the seat for easy access and carrying your heavy groceries. At home, you can add a large food tray on the frame to carry the dinner and tea. The food tray is removable to put in the dishwasher. You can discover more details about nip-glide accessories.


As a comfy chair, it is quick to lower the handles to form armrests and easy for the user to raise from sitting. The plastic mould backrest is kind to your lower back. 


 The stylish Escape™ walker is a great companion for any daily activity.

triangle strong walker.jpg

1. nip-glide™ walker/walking frame triangle structure produce extra strength. It is certified with ISO 11199, CE and KC standard.

escape walker narrow doorway.jpg

2. Angled nip-glide™ structure protects your hands from the narrow doorway and a hidden brake cable helps you through a small space smooth without getting caught

drive smooth walker.jpg

3.nip-glide™ walking frame
Large  four wheels create a steady roll on any type of surface

Wheel close-up.jpg

4. New Sure-Grip™ wheel is a high-quality PU cast wheel which gives super grip when the brake is on. It makes escape 5 the safest walker.

kick pedal.jpg

5.The foot pedal on the rear wheel makes it easy to go through the kerb 


6. Breathable and supportive backrest 

comfy seat walker 1.jpg

7.nip-glide™ walker's easy handle adjustment results in easy rise for the user

comfy seat walker 2.jpg

8.nip-glide™ walker seat is kind to your back

easy_handle height walker.jpg

9.nip-glide™ walker has easy handle adjustment

cozy closed_BC2 walker.jpg
compact fold walker.jpg

10.The seatback folds to put away in a compact size

11.nip-glide™ walker has an easy, simple and robust folding clip. NIP walker folds small for easy storage

nip glide accessories.jpg

12.nip-glide™ walker has a great range of accessories to help make your day easy. 

escape features

Dimension of Escape5/ Balance3


escape small rollator dimension.jpg


escape 5 walker tall dimension.jpg

User Height Guide for BC2 Walker

height chart
BC2 walker-height chart.png


sure grip logo.png



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