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Let us help you to find the right walker for you! 

1.  Is it safe?

Escape 4 is fully certified for the ISO 11199 and CE - quality standard for durability and safety.

Escape 5 and Balance 3 are fully certified for the ISO 11199, CE and also KS - quality standards for durability and safety.

2.  Does it come fully assembled?

Yes. BC2 nip-glide™ walkers(Escape&Balance) are fully assembled - so just open the box and roll.


3.   What is the seat size and height?

The Seat base is 44 cm in width x 32 cm in depth - it is the same as an ordinary dining chair.

Seat height is 56 cm for Escape 5/Balance3 "Tall" and Escape 4 

Seat height is 52cm for Escape 5/Balance3  "Compact" 

4. What is the difference between Escape 4 and Escape 5?

The big difference between Escape 4 and Escape 5 is the "wheel" and "brake lever".

Escape 5 Sure-grip Wheel which is a high-quality cast PU wheel. It gives smooth gliding and greater brake performance on the wheels.

The newly designed brake lever in Escape 5 takes a small effort to operate without compromising the performance of the brake.


5.  Can it be easily folded and put in a small car?

nip-glide™ walker Folded size is 89cm x 27 cm x 57 cm. The small size is 85cm x27 cm x 57cm.

The nip-glide™ walking frames fold with one hand and one click. It folds compactly to fit easily into small car boots such as Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, and Daihatsu.


6. Can it go through the narrow doorway?

Yes. The front frame width of the nip-glide™ walking frame is about 58cm. The narrow doorway is about 70cm. 


7.   I have weak hand strength, can I still use it?

nip-glide™ Walker features very soft brake levers without compromising brake performance and uses the unique brake pedal design to assist in lifting the front wheels.


8. I am quite tall. The handle height in nip-glide walkers is tall enough?

It depends on how you like to hold the walker. Some people like their handle height to be about their hip height or waist height others prefer higher. nip-glide™ walkers’ highest handle height is about 97cm. This suits 193cm height males/females. 

User height guide chart

9. What is the shipping cost? 

You can find out here the detail.  


10. Help me to find the right walker for me!  

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