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escape big wheel walker


high-quality cast PU wheels for smooth manoeuvring, minimum effort to push and greater brake performance on the wheels.

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NIP escape walker brake


The newly designed brake lever
takes a small effort to operate without compromising the performance
of the brake.

compact walker


Now you can pick the size for your height. If you are smaller, you can choose Escape5/Balance3 "Compact" and if you are taller, you can go with "Tall". 

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unbeatable comfort walker

NZ modern NIP walkers
reva award BC2
balance walker light weight
balance log BC2

light-footed walker


Take decision-making questions 
to find the right walker 

Why BC2?

BC2 is a Kiwi company designing and building beautiful lifestyle mobility aids.
Our mission is simple to inspire ageing people to keep their mobility and lifestyle. 
Built to last in NZ: We designed every part of our products so that we know every detail about them. We even make some of the parts ourselves and we assemble our products in NZ with extra care. Replaceable parts, puncture-proof and easy clean wheels mean you will enjoy your nip-glide for a long time.  
Peace of mind: Each nip-glide rollator is meticulously tested for every industry safety. The nip-glide walker is certified with ISO and KS. We support a 2-year warranty for NZ customers
Unbeatable comfort: BC2 walker is easy to fold and folds compact to store or load in small cars. It turns into a perfectly comfortable chair and doesn't require any tools for assembly. 
Award-Winning Design: nip-glide walker won the innovation category at the REVA awards in 2019 for its sleek design and function. 

BC2 walker warranty
reva award BC2 walker

- Customer Testimonies -

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