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"Boost senior health with just 4 ingredients in 8 minutes"

healthy and quick cake recipe

4 ingredients + 8 mins =  EASY, FAST, HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS CAKE

I found this great cake recipe, which can be replaced for breakfast or a sweet treat.

It will be perfect for the person who needs to watch out for their diabetes or is on a diet.

This recipe is so easy to make but also so moist even after a few days.

You will need only 4 ingredients and NO oven baking or mixing. 


  • Apple (medium size)

  • Carrot (medium size)

  • Full 1/2 cup of raw almonds

  • 2 eggs

  • Cinnamon powder(optional)


  1. Chop an apple and carrot.

  2. Throw all ingredients into a blender. ( Cinnamon power is optional, I love Cinnamon flavour so I added 1 tsp)

  3. Brush or spray olive oil around a microwave-safe container. 

  4. Add mixture to a container and put in a microwave for 8 mins.

  5. Let it cool down first then cut into some slices to enjoy.

This cake is not too sweet but very moist and has a beautiful nutty flavour from almonds, an apple, and cinnamon. I hope you will enjoy it. 

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