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Di Conway and NIP walker

We met Di Conway a while ago. She is our neighbour living down the road from our place.

She is an energetic and positive artist in her 70s.

She exhibits and sells her art, goes to cocktail parties, goes on overseas trips with her sister and goes to swimming. This amazing lady needed some sort of walker to keep her moving because she has a rare condition called Orthostatic Tremo under the umbrella of Parkinson - losing her balance with shaky hands.

She didn’t want to use an old style walker given by the hospital because it was too heavy to put into the car so she stopped going places. That was 8 years ago. She was so happy when she found about NIP(G1) then she has started to go out again.

Now we are back to see her with the all new nip glide G3 “escape”.

Escape has bigger wheels up front, a bike style brake system and easy frame lock etc.

She hopes she could walk by the beach with escape or take it to the beach for swimming.

She still has an amazing spirit and determination to enjoy her life. I admire that.

It would be our dream to see many nip glide escape’s parked by the beaches around the world.

Yesterday Di emailed me and told me she went for a walk with Escape.

"Hi Nina and Phil …just had my first beach track walk with escape….Very thrilled with first walk ….come home buzzing ….almost wished , Nina I had told you earlier , so would be there. The honest truth is I wanted to give a thrill run , also see how far round I can get …shes had a good work out

Wheels covered in wet sand and beach muck …wonderful …Di"

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