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FEEL FOREVER YOUNG with BC2 : Health&Beauty #1

Many people believe that hands and feet are connected to your body organs. By pressing certain points in our hands or feet, we can relieve the pain temporarily or help to keep you healthy.

Although more scientific research is still needed to prove the touted health benefits, many people turn to pressure points due to their limited side effects and ability to reduce pain and promote relaxation.

I often press points on my hands to relieve headaches, indigestion, stress and tiredness.

  1. Feeling indigestion or bloating in your tummy

Indigestion tends to show when you feel tense or nervous. We can relieve the pain by by pressing points 1 through 5 on your both palms. 1~2 mins for each point. Repeat this until you feel better.

2. Constipation

We need to stimulate the Colon to move and get the business done.

Push point 5 (the belly button of the palm) and then points 6 through 11 for 20 repetitions. Repeat this for 5~10 mins.

3. Relieve the stress

We need to use your nails or pointy objects to press these outside finger points - especially middle finger and thumb points will help you when you are in intensive situation to calm down. Repeat this for 5~10 mins. Also brush your hands gently can help you feel calm

4. Headache or Migraines

Try this when you suffer from a headache. It can relieve your headache by pushing those two points on your hands.

If you suffer from Migraines, we will press points on the face and the back of your neck for fast relief - 1 minute for each point. Use both thumbs to push the two points on the back of your neck together.

5. Feeling helpless and Tired

When you don’t get enough sleep, you can feel helpless and no energy. Try this. Use your nails or pointy objects to press these points

It will help to charge your energy. Repeat this for 5~10 mins.

Massage helps to relieve the pain and intensive feeling on muscles. Massage doesn't have to be expensive or luxury thing to get on your special days. Try these while you watch TV or read newspapers. Hope it will help you feel better. :)

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