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FEEL FOREVER YOUNG with BC2 : Health&Beauty #5 - Brain Health

I read an article from the nz-herald about Dementia.

It broke my heart and brought back my memories about my grandmother.

She lived alone in the country side and my parents visited her most weekends. One cold freezing weekend, my mum walked in her house and saw her lying in the living room unconscious. After that, she would never be the same. Thankfully she didn’t pass away but she didn’t recognise us from time to time - and lost her independence. She stayed at the hospital for 7 years before passing away.

Let’s talk about 'Brain Health'.

Apparently, there is no way of knowing whether you will get dementia or not.

However, there are lifestyle changes you can make that could help prevent you from getting dementia.

  • Exercise your brain. Do crosswords, word puzzles, Sudoku, or play games like Chess, bridge and scrabble - this is a great link to play online games - don’t let only the young people take advantage of this fun! There are millions of apps/games for brain straining!

  • Exercise your body. Having a healthy body has a direct impact on the brain. Aim to do at least 15 minutes of aerobic or resistance exercise a day - look at the link of my blog for exercise with your NIP walking frame! :). Also it is a perfect way to be out and about and go to the supermarket - trying to memorise your shopping list!

  • Eat well. Healthy food is good for your brain – ensure you get your 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day and include omega oils in your diet - OMEGA Oil is my religion. Get OMEGA oil from Salmon, trouts or flaxseed - If you are not so sure how to cook salmon - you can purchase OMEGA capsules from supermarket or pharmacies. They are good for your brain as well as your skin! :)

  • Drink less and quit smoking. These can be contributing factors to the onset of dementia - If it is a special day - of course you can drink but don’t drink more than you need. The recommendation is … sorry.. one glass (100~200ml) per day - there are some gentle drink options for your heap line and brain. My favourite is ‘Prosecco' (Italian bubbles) and is only 11% alcohol compared to wine which can be about 13.5~15% - Or you can try a gin and tonic with a lot of ice cubes. It will help you drink easy and slow.

  • Socialise. Being socially active may minimise your chances of getting dementia - It is not easy to meet new friends I know.. but go for a walk regularly. You will see same people at similar time who are walking also. Maybe Smile, says hello and then maybe next time you can start a conversation about the weather. Call your friends and family as often as you can too!

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